Local Candidates

At-Large City Council Elections

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

***Early Voting has started!***

Please click this link to find daily early voting opportunities at the Peoria County Election Commission in Lake Camelot, Kickapoo Township and libraries in Peoria, Brimfield, Dunlap, Peoria Heights and Bartonville.

This is a non-partisan race, so party affiliation will not be listed by the candidates names on the ballot. There are ten candidates running for the five at-large seats, and seven of these candidates have voted as Democrats.

The names to remember are the three that are involved in the Republican Party’s current or past leadership: Kelly, Oyler and Velpula. Each of these candidates will be describing what they believe to be the biggest issues facing the City of Peoria, and their statements will be featured here.

Reminder: This election uses bullet voting. Each voter gets 5 votes to distribute between 1-5 of the candidates.

Please review these short articles from the candidates.