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The Peoria County Republican Party

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Welcome from Chairman

Dear Republican Friends,

Bittersweet could be the best description of the 2016 elections from the perspective of the Peoria County Republican Party.  The Election night wins of the presidency, 18th district congressional and state legislative races came with great jubilation. These triumphs, however, were dampened in light of our local losses.

Looking back on 2016, we have much to be proud of including a great Lincoln Day Dinner with Congressman Ryan Zinke, a former Navy Seal, who anchored our conservative beliefs of the importance of national security. The Illinois State Convention in May was a success at the Civic Center and Pere/Marriott in Downtown Peoria.  It represented a lot of advance work and organization, but was well received by the one thousand two hundred delegates and attendees.  The Peoria Area Convention and Visitors’ Center was a valuable resource for us. On August 17th, some traveled by bus to the State Fair on Governor’s Day.  It’s much more fun as “Governor’s Day” than Republican Day.  Let’s help KEEP IT that way by beginning the preparation now to re-elect a full slate of statewide officeholders in 2018. The Peoria Republican Party financially supported four local candidates in their bids for election this November. This wouldn’t be possible without successful fundraising by the party. Additionally, our office ran an aggressive “absentee ballot chase program” which mailed sample ballots to 1,317 Republican voters in Peoria County. Finally, our office hosted a Victory Center from which over 200,000 identification and Get Out the Vote calls were made.

Now as we turn our eyes to the 2018 mi-term elections, we need you!  We need your energy, enthusiasm and outreach. We need you to help recruit new members…friends, neighbors, co-workers. Please consider becoming more politically active in 2017 and don’t hesitate to contact our office at 689-8467 or email us at to become more involved. Our door is always open.

Many thanks,

Carol S. Hornickle, Chair